Each order is executed after telephone confirmation and given the availability of the products in the time period described below. From the moment the cooperating courier or transport company receives each package, manolesakis.gr bears no responsibility for any delays that may occur until the delivery of the package to the final recipient (Strikes, force majeure, etc.).

The shipment number indicated on the relevant document of the cooperating courier company becomes known to the customer (via email or SMS) shortly after the package is received by the employee of the cooperating courier company, which proves the timely execution of the order by us. For the above reasons, manolesakis,gr is solely committed to the timely dispatch of packages and not to the final delivery time of the package by the respective courier company.

The goods, after being sent by our company, travel exclusively and solely under the responsibility of the customer. The above means that the customer should not, under any circumstances, receive a parcel from the carrier which has obvious external damages due to the transport.

In the case of orders that require processing before execution (eg products that you wish to receive adjusted or cables with custom length and plugs, etc.), you will only receive them once we have informed you that the work has been completed and the health check has been completed.

The store’s opening hours for product deliveries are from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding Sundays and holidays.

If you wish, the order can be executed by sending products to your location via a Courier or Transport company.

It is possible, after consultation, to ship goods with any carrier chosen by the Customer, with the cost of transportation borne solely by the Customer. To calculate the shipping cost of an order, the weight and volume of the selected products are taken into account.

Orders are dispatched from Monday to Friday at 15:00, excluding holidays. If an order is placed after the above shipping time, it will be shipped the next business day.

For those orders where “bank deposit” has been selected as the payment method, this must be completed no later than 2:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In addition, once the transfer is made, the Customer is obliged to inform about the completion of the transfer of the amount either by phone or by e-mail. The reason for the deposit should be the number (or numbers in the case of multiple orders) of the order placed by the Customer.

For all orders placed with a “Credit Card” payment method, the shipment takes place after the identification of the cardholder’s details has been completed. The duration of the check may exceed 24 hours.

In remote areas shipping by courier is not yet possible. In such cases the shipment is made by post.

For items with a large weight, sending with a transport agency is more advantageous. The fee ranges from 5-15€ for each parcel, and depends on the agency and the volume of the parcel.

Areas where they are considered difficult to reach by the transport companies, the shipment/delivery will be made to the store closest to you.

manolesakis.gr reserves the right to refuse cash on delivery. Cash on delivery only applies to courier shipments.